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Fall Mulch Tips

When talking about mulch, it is common to associate mulching landscapes with spring. However, the fall is an excellent time to refresh your mulch in preparation for the colder weather ahead. Not only can mulching help save time in the spring, but it can also help protect your plants against cold temperatures, retain soil moisture, and suppress weeds.

Fall Mulch For Plants

Fall Mulch Tips | Mulching | fall mulching

In many areas, fall is a time of shifts in temperature and drier air than in the summer growing season. In Florida, depending on the region you are in, you can see drastic changes in temperature (North Florida) to less drastic shifts in temperature change (South Florida). If you have annuals or perennials, applying a nice, thick layer of mulch is highly recommended for colder areas of Florida if you want them to remain healthy in the fall and sustain the winter.

Reasons to Apply Mulch in the Fall

  1. Mulch in fall, so your landscape has nutrients throughout the colder weather, promoting healthy growth in the spring. 
  2. You create a clean bed surface by cutting back perennials for winter, making mulching a snap. There are no dodging perennial shoots, emerging bulbs, or seedlings.
  3. Whether you are planning a mulch refresh or mulch replacement, your property will look refreshed for the rest of the year! 

Benefits of Fall Mulching

  • Fall Mulch Tips.Fall mulch covers the soil, offering a warmer environment for the soil-food web, including microbes and earthworms. Warm soil keeps these organisms active longer during the cold season, boosting your soil.
  • Fall mulch covers plant roots. Soil may, in due time, freeze solid in the extreme winter in the coldest regions; however, in many areas, soil goes through cycles of freezing and thawing throughout the winter. Due to the freeze-thaw patterns, the top few inches of soil experience stress, including plant roots. Mulch helps moderate the temperature swing.

The Dos and Don'ts of Fall Mulch

  • Do select a mulch that traps air, similar to a winter coat. Trapped air gives warmth and insulation. 
  • Do apply a 3-inch-thick mulch layer.
  • Don't spread deep layers of mulch over the growing points of perennial plants.

When it comes to mulching in the fall, timing is important, and we know when to mulch at the best time! Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation is a commercial landscaping company providing the best landscaping, irrigation, and landscape construction services across multiple regions in Florida. Contact us today for your mulching services!