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How Can Commercial Properties Have Exciting Landscapes?

When it comes to commercial properties, landscape features can make or break. When attracting customers or clients, commercial properties hold the responsibility of having an eye-catching and accessible landscape. Having a landscape that is beautiful, fun to look at, and fun to be a part of can leave a lasting impression on any visitor. This is why commercial properties are willing to prioritize landscaping and landscape enhancements as a surefire way to engage and reward visitors.

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A Pop of Color

Green doesn’t have to be the only color in your landscape. Bright colors from native plants and flowers can bring your property to life while highlighting themes and color palettes of your choosing. Utilizing annual flowers means you can get all new pops of color after their growing season, leaving you room to change things up. Perennial flowers go dormant and rebloom in spring, meaning every spring you’ll have beautiful flashes of colors and florals. To make a bold statement, use colors to guide your visitors to your entryway, engaging them from their very first step.

Don’t Forget About your Turf

Now green doesn’t have to be the only color in your landscape but it is one of the most important colors. Green doesn’t stay green on its own, and improper maintenance or irrigation can turn that sea of green to brown like that. So, make sure to prioritize plant health as well as regular turf maintenance programs to keep that luscious green all year long.

All Of the Lights

One of the most practical and enhancing features of commercial properties is landscape lighting. Landscape lighting doesn’t just show off your property but ensures safety and accessibility for those using the property at night. Landscape lighting has also been proven to reduce minor crimes like burglaries.

Give People Places To Walk And Sit

You’ve made your landscape fun to look at, so now you need to give people a chance to experience it! Having hardscaped pathways and seats or benches allows you to direct the flow of traffic through your property as well as provide convenient places to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Thorough Maintenance

A beautifully designed landscape will lose its value if not properly maintained. Making sure that grass is cut, weeds are pulled, plants are fertilized, and the overall health and look of your landscape is maintained, ensures your investment will keep paying you back for years to come.

Of course, commercial landscaping maintenance isn’t something you can do on your own. Hiring a professional landscape maintenance company means putting your property in experienced hands. Be careful and thorough when deciding on a maintenance company, as you should always prioritize your property's unique needs over budget.

All of Your Landscaping Needs from Down To Earth

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