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How Landscaping Can Impact Health

Year by year, with technological advances along with a quicker and busier lifestyle, it's easy to get consumed by the everyday chaos life brings. This chaos can hamper our physical health and our mental health through many factors -- two of those main factors that are primarily identified are stress and anxiety. 

In these hectic days of everyday life, it is sometimes difficult to find peace. However, the flourishing green grass that tickles your toes, the vibrant colors and sweet fragrance profused by the flowers and shrubs, among other features of your lawns and landscapes, somewhat manage to soothe your mind and treat your eyes. 

But did you know that well-maintained landscapes have more real value apart from just being aesthetically pleasing?

Today, we will discuss some of the physical and mental benefits you can acquire from well-managed landscapes and lawns.

Landscaping health | DTE Landscape | Landscaping1. Natural Coolants 

During hot summers, the one thing you crave is a cool breeze or at least a temperature that enables you to enjoy your lawn. As a matter of fact, grass has cooling features and is much cooler than asphalt or cement. While grass can act as a natural coolant, trees can provide shade to your home and reduce the attic temperature, making your surroundings feel more relaxed during summers. 

This cooling environment not only energizes you, but also refreshes your mind every time you step into your lawn. 

2. Water Protectors

Water runoffs in your garden can often filter into bodies of water. On the other hand, healthy lawns or maintained landscapes can easily absorb these unhealthy runoffs. This way, you can continue with your otherwise refreshing day.

3. Decrease Your Depression

Landscaping Health | DTE Landscape |  Landscaping

A chemical in the brain, serotonin, induces happiness in human beings. During depression or just a gloomy day, not everything can synthesize your serotonin. However, walking past a natural environment and spending time on your lawn with shrubs, seasonal plants, and trees exposes you to sunshine and high amounts of vitamin DThis vitamin D and the goodness in nature can act as a synthesizer of serotonin, resulting in a good mood or at least decreased depression.

4. Environment Cleaners

Well-maintained lawns with trees and impeccably mowed grass play a crucial role in capturing dust, smoke particles and other pollutants while producing oxygen. When you walk out on your lawn, you simply end up in a much cleaner environment, with clean air, which benefits you by positively impacting your physical health.

5. Reduced Anxiety And Stress  

Access to green spaces can gradually reduce psychological distress, clinical anxiety, or any kind of mood disorders in you while enhancing your quality of life. In simple words, your well-maintained landscapes can positively influence your psychological, cognitive, environmental, physical, and spiritual well-being.  

In fact, studies have shown that even looking out of your window at nature, or plants and trees, can lower blood pressure, induce mental restoration, and reduce stress. 

Apart from this, while the landscape and nature around you can improve your mood, it can also boost memory and heighten your attention span. When you walk through a natural environment, you seem to notice everything that surrounds you and is happening around you -- whether it is the pollinators (such as birds) drinking nectar in your lawn or the children of the neighborhood biking to school. 

HOA Landscaping

Most people find this term difficult to understand. But, the HOA landscaping policies help out homeowners and residents to know what they are allowed to do and what sort of changes they can’t employ in their lawns. 

In order to understand the HOA regulations, you must know that every HOA is different, and they vary from place to place. These landscaping or garden policies are imposed primarily to keep the property in a uniform look, from house to house, and keep the community looking at its finest. Some of these guidelines say:

  • There are limitations on lawn furniture or lawn sculptures.
  • Removing trees require approvals from the HOA board.
  • Requires approval for hardscaping or fencing, and much more. 

But, again, every HOA regulation is not the same for everyone. And not every landscaping company is familiar with HOA landscaping or garden policies.


At, Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation, we have been working with a wide variety of HOA communities. Therefore, we can safely say that we have a good grasp of the essential regulations and plan to implement those that can strongly benefit you and the community.

Where landscaping is concerned, not everyone has the time to work on their lawns after their day-to-day activities. Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation offers an impressive and wide range of landscaping services. If you are someone who craves a landscape that adds to your physical and mental elevation, then hire our professional landscape team or contact us for more information.