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Landscaping as an Essential Service

You’ve probably never given a thought to if Landscaping is an essential business or not, or at least, until 2020 that is. 

While landscaping is synonymous with exterior beauty, looks aren’t all that proper lawn and landscape maintenance provider. From safety to


 sanitation, and landscape maintenance is essential to the overall well-being of communities and businesses alike. 

If you haven’t seen them, you’ve heard them. Lawn and landscape professionals wake up early in the mornings and do hands-on, specialized work so that others can enjoy a well-maintained landscape. They are the key to sustaining both the environment and property value. But what makes landscaping essential?


What Does Landscaping Do?


Homeowner’s associations invest majorly in landscaping, and it’s because of the proven results. A study by Turf Magazine found that proper and enhanced landscapes provided a 10-12% increase in property value. And although this boost to property value is a great bonus, essential landscaping services are more about your property’s safety and sanitation. 


Prevent Damage and Disease

Depending on where you live, a variety of insects, fungus, disease, and other unwelcomed pests prey upon and live inside of the foliage and vegetation you call your landscape. Without proper pest and disease management by certified professionals, plants can be overwhelmed and devastated by creatures like Chinch bugs or diseases like Blight. 


Positive Environmental Impact 

Following the damage and disruption in the ecosystem from an influx of pests and a decrease in plant

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 health, your landscape's localized ecosystem is thrown completely out of whack. A majority of your turf and vegetation relied on a natural cycle that includes pest management as well as fertilization. Without this fertilization, many plants may enter dormancy or die entirely.


At the same time, weeds and invasive plants can easily invade and choke your landscape, creating a snowball of issues that can completely kill your turf and foliage. Having healthy trees and plant life allows for increased oxygen production and healthy lawns help filter rainwater, coming right back to the disruption in the cycle of your local ecosystem.


Ensure Safety & Sanitation

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This one is a lot more self-explanatory. When proper landscape maintenance isn’t taking place, tree limbs fall, weeds and grass run amuck, leaves pile up, insects abound, diseases and fungi form, it’s not a pretty picture. These changes affect the accessibility and safety of your landscape, making it difficult for visitors or community members to navigate their own property, and possibly posing a threat to their wellbeing.


Downed trees and tree branches kill over 100 people a year in the United States, and that’s while practicing proper landscaping protocols. If we were to pause all regular landscape maintenance, these numbers could quickly skyrocket and that’s only considering the trees. Overgrown, unkempt vegetation invites insects, fungi, and rodents who threaten pets and people. 


To see essential work in action, contact Down To Earth for a free commercial estimate request from one of our certified landscape professionals. It’s as easy as calling or clicking