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Leaf Clean Up

Leaf removal or leaf clean-up is essential to keep your lawn healthy in the fall. Even when the cooler months of autumn arrive, your lawn still requires appropriate lawn care to ensure it can tolerate the winter and come back full and thick in the spring. 

Growing Grass

1. Leaf Removal Allows Your Grass to Grow

Letting a thick layer of leaves gather across your lawn suffocates your grass by hindering its exposure to air and sunlight. Your grass can’t grow if it is not able to receive adequate air and sunlight required for photosynthesis

Deficiency of nutrients is also responsible for weaker, less strong grass that can not fight against pests and diseases. Removing dead leaves from your landscape ensures your grass can breathe and take up the air and sunlight it requires for sufficient growth. 

2. Leaves Hamper Water Evaporation & Encourages Mold

When leaves pile up on your lawn, they block water evaporation and trap moisture below their layer. This moisture makes the perfect environment for diseases, fungi, and mold. Mold is dangerous to your lawn and detrimental to your health-- breathing in any type of mold is not healthy for you or your family. 

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3. Leaf Clutter Shelters Dangerous Pests

Your landscape can contain some harmful pests. Dead leaves that collect on the surface of your lawn raise the number of pests that infest your landscape. Critters like spiders and snakes love damp, dark areas where they can seek warmth, and wet leaves provide them with the perfect condition. This raises the danger of facing harmful pests in the landscape. To reduce your chances of encountering these pests, keep your lawn clear and free of leaves and debris to discourage their presence.

Provide your lawn with adequate nutrient access and keep your landscape safe with our fall leaf removal services! 

Autumn is quickly approaching, and shortly our lawns will be covered in leaves. Now is the time to begin considering leaf and yard clean-up services for your lawn. Our team can swiftly remove any leaves or other clutter from your property. 

Leave The Job To A Professional Company

We understand your time is valuable. Instead of clearing your property yourself, hire a professional and reliable company like Down To Earth and leave the tedious job to us. Our experts use the best equipment, so let us do the job for you and save you some effort and time. We also provide routine maintenance, mowing, weed control, and lawn fertilization for your landscape. 

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If you are a current customer looking to schedule leaf removal services for the fall, contact us today! If you are not a current customer but are looking for an estimate for our wide range of services, request an estimate from us!