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What to Consider Before Irrigating

Landscape irrigation is important to sustain plant health without relying on mother nature alone. These regulated and well-maintained irrigation systems keep your communities and businesses green. When setting up an irrigation system, there are a lot of options to choose from. The sheer amount of equipment types and variations is daunting to witness if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.


Here are some tips to find an area to focus on before diving in:

Sprinkler | Irrigation System 1. Consider Your System: Before buying anything, consider what method of irrigation you want to choose. The two main types of landscape irrigation are sprinklers and drip irrigation. There are a few differences between the two, one being that sprinklers spray the water onto a wide area, while drip irrigation uses pipes that carry water directly to plant roots. While installing the pipes for drip irrigation can be complex, that method reduces water usage, saving you money.

2. Learn your property's needs: Watering all of your property the same may seem fine, but overwatering and underwatering are very probable outcomes of that. It’s likely that certain areas of your yard need more water than others, and some need less. Pay attention to what your landscape requires, as its health is significant to help it look nice.

3. Invest in an irrigation system controller: Your irrigation system can be regulated and controlled to the most efficient settings if you adjust the settings in your irrigation control box to match the weather and seasonal changes.

4. Repair, repair, repair: Once your equipment is set up, you must ensure everything stays functional Sprinkler | irrigation systemand up to date Inspect your system regularly to confirm if everything is in working order. If something seems awry, replace it, or get it checked out. You’ll see that an older or improper irrigation system will end up costing you more on your water bill.

And while irrigation and landscape management can be done on your own, some might be too busy to maintain such a system by themselves, or perhaps they do not know-how, or simply don’t care to. Regardless of the reason, professional landscaping services like Down To Earth are always there for situations where you find your best option is having the landscape irrigation taken care of for you.