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Curb Appeal 101

Curb appeal refers to the exterior appeal of a property-- also known as the first impression of a property. Curb appeal gives the visitors, customers, or potential buyers of a property a sense of what lies inside or a preview of the quality of the interior of the neighborhood, business, or home. Put simply, if a person does not like what they see on the outside, they are less likely to enter to see what the interior has to offer.

Down To Earth brings you seven reasons why curb appeal is important and some ideas on how to enhance a property's curb appeal in this article.

Importance of Curb Appeal

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1. Creates a Good First Impression

As the old saying goes, "you only get one chance to make a first impression." This saying couldn't be more true when referring to the first impression a property's landscape can bring. A well-designed and maintained outdoor space attracts potential buyers and residents to a neighborhood and more customers to a business.

If the exterior of a property does not feel inviting or interesting to a visitor, they will not want to step inside the commercial establishment or buy a property in the neighborhood. 97% of members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) believe that curb appeal is essential to attract potential buyers.


2. Increases the Market Value of a PropertyLandscape maintenance | Down To Earth

Curb appeal increases the market value of a property. A property with a well-maintained landscape, a convenient driveway or attractive entryway to a business, or a well-planned parking space will stay on the market for a shorter duration if it is put up for sale as these are attractive points of consideration for potential buyers.

Therefore, investing in enhancing the curb appeal of a property is sure to be a quick sale and provide a high return on investment.


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3. Improves Safety

Increased curb appeal implies that the property is well-maintained and clear of any debris in the entryway or in the landscape at the front of the property. Curb appeal enhances the safety of a property by preventing any slipping or tripping due to unwanted objects or liquids in the entryway.

Additionally, curb appeal implies that clear pathways have been provided to navigate the outdoor space, further adding to the safety factor. Enhanced safety adds value to residential and HOA properties, and the clear paths will bring in more traffic to a business.


4. Creates a Welcoming Space for Social InteractionsHOA Landscaping | Down To Earth |  welcoming atmosphere

A well-designed, maintained, and aesthetically pleasing landscape creates a warm and welcoming space for interaction with neighbors for residential properties and with visitors and clients for businesses. This welcoming atmosphere will bring in more customers for the business and provide a private but natural environment for interaction with clients.

The trend of outdoor living is rising as more and more people prefer to spend time outdoors. A property with a well-kept landscape is more attractive to a potential buyer than a property without a landscape.

5. Enhances the MoodCheerful Landscape | Down To Earth

Landscapes have the potential to lift the mood of the people visiting them, provided they are created and maintained properly. Therefore, businesses that invest in landscaping to improve their curb appeal have higher employee retention rates as the employees like working in the positive atmosphere created by a cheerful landscape. Additionally, this boosts the productivity of the employees.

HOA properties with uniform, well-maintained landscapes create a positive environment for the entire neighborhood or community, leading to happy residents.



6. Prevents Natural Elements from Affecting the Quality of the Property

Entryway | Entrance | Down To Earth

A well-designed and installed entryway or outdoor space will protect the quality of the property from being affected due to natural elements like rain, snow, and the sun. Professional landscaping will ensure that the right type of grass and plants are planted, and the soil is graded well to prevent soil erosion or puddling when it rains. Driveways, pathways and other hardscapes will be made of materials that can withstand snow, rain, heat and any other weather conditions specific to the region.

These factors will ensure that the residence or business remains accessible at all times of the year and the elements do not cause an inconvenience to visitors and customers.

7. Establishes the Brand

Since the property's exterior is the first thing everybody sees, what it reflects will establish the brand of the business or the HOA. For commercial property, the front landscape serves the same purpose as a billboard - it advertises the property to anybody who sees it. How the landscape is designed and maintained will convey the sincerity of a business to its profession and its respect for its clients and customers. For an HOA, the landscapes of all the properties in the community convey the competence and dedication of the HOA to maintaining the community. It is essential to invest in the right type of landscaping to convey one's intentions well.

Ideas to Enhance Curb Appeal

Now that we have understood the importance of curb appeal to both residential and commercial properties let us look at some of the ways through which we can enhance the curb appeal. Below are some of the easiest ways to make the property's exterior more appealing.

1. Pay Attention to the Driveway/EntrywayLandscape services | Down To Earth

Driveways of a property are often overlooked since they are just a means to reach the house or the building, but they play an important role in determining whether the property looks attractive or not. Driveways should be clean and free of cracks or weeds growing from the cracks. Additionally, driveways should be constructed with materials that match the style of the property.

For example, cobblestones and pavers create a rustic look, while paved or concrete driveways will create a more modern and sophisticated look. As important as driveways are, it is also equally if not more important to pay attention to the care and quality of any walkways. These paths will be walked on and seen even closer while walking to the building. 


2. Colorful PlantsLandscaping maintenance | DTE | Colorful Plants

Using plants with colorful flowers adds a burst of color to the property, increasing its aesthetic appeal, turning more heads, and creating a positive environment. They can be added to a large landscape or a small entryway, making them suitable for commercial and residential properties of all sizes.

Additionally, the plants can be chosen or customized to match the style of the rest of the property or to make a statement.



Landscape maintenance | Down To Earth |  Site Furnishings

3. Add Site Furnishings

Site furnishings like wooden or stone benches add a comfortable and warm note to the property. When people visit a commercial establishment, they appreciate the provision to sit outdoors, whether to wait for someone they're meeting or simply spend time taking in the environment.

Therefore, establishing site furnishings sends out the message that you are inviting people to spend time at the property. This holds true for residential properties, too, as site furnishings add to the welcoming feature to the property, attracting potential buyers who want a comfortable outdoor space to spend time with their loved ones.



Investing in enhancing the curb appeal of a property has a lot of benefits and is sure to provide a high return on investment. At Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation, our experts have experience shaping a property to display its unique style and brand perfectly through inspection, installation, and maintenance services. Contact us today to know more.