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How Landscaping Affects Property Value?

Why Do Properties Landscape?

To keep it simple, you want your property to look good. Having an attractive property increases its value, not simply aesthetically, but financially as well. The connection between landscaping and property value can be easily seen in the appeal of your greenery, but also in the value of your property, be it commercial or residential.

How Are Landscaping and Property Value Connected?

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An appealing landscape, as opposed to a generic or poorly kept one, is the main type of landscape we’ll talk about, and here’s why.

Properties that have appealing, or enhanced landscapes can have anywhere from a 5-13% increase in value. This works inversely, dropping property value for those properties with unkempt or ill-kept landscapes by about 10% according to the Journal of Environmental Horticulture. This means landscaping should be in your top considerations when attempting to preserve or improve the value of your property.

This connection to property value can be attributed to several landscape factors beyond aesthetics. Functionality, as well as safety, are important considerations in creating an elevated and valuable landscape. Investing in enhancements such as water features, hardscapes, and firepits helps to exponentially add value to your property while making it more inviting and safer to traverse.

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Even smaller additions like adding fresh mulch or annual flowers can have as much as a 352% return on investment.

Why Good Landscaping Matters?

Seeing the obvious and well-researched connection between landscaping and property value is one thing, but elevating or designing your landscape to benefit from that value is a whole different battle. If you aren’t experienced in landscape design, horticulture, tree care, or general property maintenance, it may be time to hire a landscaping company.

Commercial landscaping companies are certified and experienced with the ins and outs of your landscape and can provide personalized designs and recommendations based on your specific landscaping needs.