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Water, Water Everywhere: Guide to Water Features

Water features are one of the most beloved additions to any landscape, besides being one of the most cost-effective options for landscape enhancement. Residential communities and commercial properties alike have seen growing benefits from investing in and installing water features. In landscape design and architecture, a water feature is anything that incorporates water into a hardscape, softscape or a mix of the two.

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Water features encompass a large variety of creations, but the most notable categories are:

  • Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Streams 

Benefits of Water Features in Landscaping

1. Engaging the Senses 

A good landscape design should be appealing to all senses, and that includes sound. Water features, when done properly, can create soundscapes that are perfect for the property's aesthetic. A large-scale resort with a lot of square footage may want the powerful and exciting presence of a waterfall, but a smaller community would probably go for the soothing benefits of a koi pond. Water features and the unique environment they create are an important part of creating an engaging and memorable landscape design. 

2. Environmentally Friendly

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Before installing an outdoor water feature, know that they come with some friends. As water is enjoyed by all species, small wildlife such as birds and squirrels take a liking to the water features. 

A whole ecosystem can even be created just for a landscape, with aquatic gardens utilizing the forces of nature and design to create living landscapes. The most recognizable of which is the koi pond, but anything many types of fish and plants can be sustained and displayed in an aquatic landscape.

3. Boosts Property Value 

Not only are water features valuable for aesthetics and the environment, but they've even been shown to increase property value. This is tied to the competitiveness in both the commercial and residential real estate markets, standing out as a critical factor for buyers. Water features are surprisingly versatile and can be adapted to fit smaller spaces. 

4. Water Features Foster Relaxation 

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When we mentioned the tranquility of water that creates a different world, water features can also create a soothing environment. Imagine sitting near a stream and enjoying the calmness of flowing water that fosters relaxation and peace. 

5. Water Features Define Landscape and Improve Air Quality

With a water feature, any property owner can provide uniqueness to their lawn while making the same a focal point in a landscape. And it not only defines a large space of greenery it also adds to improved air quality by offsetting health impacts due to air pollution, according to some studies.

6. Water Features are Flexible 

Coming to the point where probably most property owners think that they require a large landscape to include a water feature, let the experts of Down To Earth save you the time in planning your landscape design, regardless of size. Water features come in an endless variety of sizes, giving property owners the chance to enhance their landscape.

7. Water Features Reduce Stress

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Several studies have come up with research that mentions that the sound of water fosters better health. While already mentioned that moving or flowing water purifies the air benefiting physical health, the soothing tranquility of water also impacts the brain. It reduces stress, thereby improving overall mental health as well. Read how landscape benefits a healthcare facility.

Referred to as the "white noise" by scientists, the vibrations and sound frequency made by water release negative ions into the air, increasing the energy level and calming the nerves, helping one to tackle everyday life with the zest and enthusiasm. 

8. Water Features Reduce Noise Pollution

The sound of moving or flowing water has the capacity to mask outside noise. Water features help in reducing noise pollution by blocking noises from traffic, noisy neighbors, and noises from highways.

9. Water Features Aid in Custom Landscaping

It should be noted that no two water features are the same - not in structure or appearance. When a water feature is selected or created for a particular landscape, it offers uniqueness to the property.

10. Water Features Offer Low-Maintenance Options

As a property owner, if you feel the need to include outdoor water features that come with minimal maintenance, you can get amazing choices that add texture to landscapes and yet can be of low maintenance. From stand-alone waterfalls to wall fountains, there are many styles with low-maintenance as its attribute.

11. Water Features Work as Natural Humidifiers

It's no secret that the air in a property can become arid. At times like this, the fountains or moving water in the landscapes help you act as a natural humidifier and add moisture to the dry landscapes.

12. Water Cools the Landscape

Along with a pleasant environment, water also helps in cooling down the temperature in the landscapes. Having an outdoor water feature around gives the opportunity to include aquatic or semi-aquatic plants in the garden, creating a cooling and blissful effect. 

How to Choose a Water Feature?Water features | Landscape Irrigation

While there are several water feature options and even more styles to choose from, one must choose what's best for the property. As a property owner, you may fall in love with the idea of a waterfall; however, is it the best use of the space? If not, be willing to change plans and go for something more suitable that works with the existing landscape. 

So, how does one determine the best water feature for the property? The below-mentioned are some of the key questions that can be asked to make an informed decision. 

  • Does this match the style and feel of my property?
  • What parts of my property can support a water feature?
  • Where on my property will a water feature be the most useful?
  • How can a water feature help improve my property?

These might not be as easy to answer as a property or building owner hopes, but the installation of a water feature is a complicated task that should be undertaken by professionals. 

With 30 years of service, Down To Earth has installed countless water features, from large-scale installations to small enhancements. If you want to make a difference that means something, experience the Down To Earth difference with us.