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10 Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping is a broad-spectrum landscaping service that includes the planning, design, construction, installation, and maintenance of outdoor spaces for businesses, commercial spaces, government buildings, educational institutions, etc. Commercial landscaping involves planting trees, shrubs, and plants that match a business’s image, installing landscape enhancements like water features, setting up irrigation systems and most importantly, preserving all of the work put into creating the landscape by maintenance tasks like mowing, fertilizing, trimming, pruning, and edging to maintain an attractive property. A well-designed and properly maintained landscape offers a lot of value, brings positive energy and strengthens the image of a business.

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1. Increases the Property’s Curb Appeal

A beautifully designed and maintained landscape is one of the best ways to make potential customers notice a business. These spaces make people do double takes and create a sense of awe and intrigue that makes people want to take a closer look to see what the beautifully landscaped area is. This response is mainly due to the psychological effect of pleasure that beautiful spaces create. Choosing to improve your commercial outdoor space or maintain it to high standards will not only attract clients but also help retain them. Read about the  importance of curb appeal in our blog, Curb Appeal 101.

2. Increases Spends

The benefit of commercial landscaping does not stop at simply attracting clients or customers, but it extends to adding economic value by making them spend more. A carefully designed and well-kept landscape is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it gives customers and clients the impression that the business is competent and cares about more than just the landscape, and extends to caring for the experience of its clients. This positive impression leads to an increase in revenue as customers desire to spend more and to keep coming back to a business where they enjoy being in and feel valued. 

3. Increases Privacy

Some businesses are located in areas where some barrier between their building and the adjacent building, property or street will benefit the business by providing privacy. Strategic planting of trees, plants, and shrubs will screen some noise, minimize visibility, and create a quieter and more private space for the clients. Customers and clients value this kind of privacy as many people do not prefer to have prying eyes on them as they go about their business. Commercial landscaping will thus create an inviting atmosphere for clients and customers.

4. Enhances Safety

The safety of its customers, clients and employees is of prime importance to a business. When a landscape is professionally designed and installed, it provides safer and more convenient means of navigating the landscape with the installation of proper pathways, walkways and ramps. Outdoor lighting is also installed to allow for safe movement even when there is no natural light.

5. Improves Employee Retention

Commercial landscaping improves employee retention rates of businesses due to the investment in creating an improved work environment. The addition of green spaces in combination with the construction that allows a lot of natural light creates a positive and happy workspace. Studies have shown that having plants in a workspace along with a natural view through windows increases productivity and employee satisfaction. This is the reason businesses that invest in creating outdoor spaces that are well kept and where employees can take their breaks and relax will have loyal employees who provide high-quality work.

6. Environmentally Responsible Image

In an age where environmental consciousness is at its highest, businesses that cultivate an eco-friendly landscape are highly sought. Using native plants and establishing lawn areas with grass species that will thrive in the local conditions with minimum maintenance sends out the message that the business or institution cares about the environment and is doing its part in taking care of it. Many customers value this kind of environmental stewardship, and it brings in more clients with the same ideology. Ensuring proper drainage and adapting appropriate water-runoff management policies to conserve water in the landscape will further strengthen the image of the institution or business as an environmentally responsible organization.

7. Improves Market Value

Commercial landscaping improves a property’s market value and the net worth of the business as a result. A professionally designed and maintained landscape sets a high standard of business for the competitors and sends out a message of professionalism and competence to clients and customers. If the property owner ever decides to move locations and sell the current property, and the property has a well-cultivated and kept landscape, it will sit on the market for a shorter period of time as compared to a property without a landscape, as outdoor greenspaces are highly valued. A property with a landscape provides a higher return on investment than a property without one. 

8. Creates More Space 

Well-planned and constructed landscapes create spaces for businesses to interact with clients in a natural setting. Benches, seating areas, and patios can be installed to facilitate client and customer meetings in a natural environment that still holds its professionalism as it belongs to the business. Additionally, the company or institution can hold events in their own outdoor space.

9. Prevent Soil Erosion and Building Protection

Heavy rainwater runoffs can carry a lot of sediment away with their flow if there are no plants to hold the soil together with their roots, especially in properties that have slopes. This kind of erosion can adversely affect the building’s structure and the quality of the rest of the property. Therefore, strategically planting the right trees and plants will ensure there is no soil erosion due to runoff and preserve the building’s structure and the property’s quality. This will also prevent soil from running off into the irrigation system or other water systems on the property, thus preserving the water quality.

10. Saves Costs and Time

If a commercial landscape is well-designed and installed, it can help save energy costs. A building surrounded by trees, plants and other kinds of vegetation remains comparatively cooler than other buildings during the summer months. If these trees and plants are placed strategically, they can double up as insulation during the winter months, thus saving the cooling and heating costs of the business throughout the year. 

Additionally, hiring a commercial landscaping company to build and maintain the landscape, the business does not have to invest in the purchase of landscape equipment as the landscaping company brings its own high-quality professional equipment. Investing in commercial landscapes saves time for businesses because they don’t have to worry about maintaining their outdoor spaces and can focus on their business-related tasks while the landscaping company takes care of the landscape for them. 


A commercial landscaping service covers all aspects of landscaping for the business and creates and maintains an outdoor space that matches the brand, image, and standards of the business or institution. If you are a business owner seeking to enhance your outdoor space to add more value to your business, contact Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation.

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